RCT’s / RPT’s / HPT’s

Provide contamination and radiation exposure control. Perform surveys where procedures have not been established or where unusual conditions are present or expected.

Perform special studies in the evaluation of radiological protection for personnel, environmental or plant areas. Participate in area specific radiation worker qualification and requalification programs; prepare and maintain records and documentation as appropriate; and provide assistance in the preparation of radiation control documents such as RWP’s, AMW’s etc.


Perform sampling and monitoring for noise, light, chemicals, and particulates, excluding radiological monitoring.
Perform area and personnel monitoring and sampling for exposure levels. Characterization sampling for determining sampling plans, PPE, and other issues associated with the fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene.


Perform Quality Assurance inspections and tests, Basic, Electrical, mechanical, Instrumentation,Welding and Receiving. To verify conformance with specified requirements for the purpose of determining acceptability. Assure compliance to company and Quality Assurance policies and procedures, as well as any other applicable standards and codes.