Dear Sisters and Brothers of IBEW Local 984,

The holidays are right around the corner and I hope that everyone is staying healthy.
Below are some highlights of our union

  • Local 984’s membership numbers are approximately 720 members as of August 2023
  • On July 20, 2023, after 9 months of negotiations, a Collective Bargaining Agreement was passed
    with all 4 of the Hanford contractors.
  • There have been 8 HPT trainee classes hired recently for a total of over 160 new members.
  • Approximately 70 new IHT’s have been hired.
  • The union was successful in settling numerous grievances for overtime bypassed and COVID-related absences which resulted in back pay for the members.
  • The annual Labor Day Picnic was held on September 4, 2023. Thank you to Robin Woodford for
    helping make this event a success.
  • In the last year, there have been several members disciplined for a variety of reasons. Please
    watch what you do, follow procedures, and stay safe.
  • Please call in or notify your steward of any change of address.

Local 984 is grateful to all our members and our local union stewards and executive board for their hard
work, dedication, and loyalty demonstrated every day of the year. I know that our success depends on
the efforts of each and every one of you.

In Solidarity,

Tom Hinkle
Business Manager/ Financial Secretary
IBEW Local 984